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With more than 700 games published worldwide, in over 2000 different editions, it is quite a task to keep track of all the details. Luckily our spacious German library contains one reference copy of each and every edition.

Our games carry many well-known brands and character licenses. Over time, some of our most successful games have also become brands in their own right.

Please use the links below for a complete list of all our published games and a list of our top brands.

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Electronic Games
Reiner Electronic games

In 1985 our business started with traditional games. Now we also have a significant focus on electronic games.

Some of our most successful games, like Wer war’s? are hybrid games where traditional gameplay is enhanced with electronic features.

Within a few seconds you can have a new Reiner Knizia game in your pocket, as there are many of our games available in the App Stores.

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