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Spielbox: Home Again
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Spielbox: Zurück von der Insel
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How Reiner Knizia Makes Games Part 1
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How Reiner Knizia Makes Games Part 2
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Reiner Knizia, Master of Theme
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OrganisationsEntwicklung: In die Karten geschaut
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Reiner Knizia Spiel des Jahres


Reiner Knizia
on German National Television

Global Game


Reiner Knizia – Cardboard Herald 2017
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L.A.M.A DRAMA – Mini Expansion
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TWINS Variety Cards
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Carcassonne the Castle – Falcon Expansion

Reiner Knizia, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and Hans-im-Glück Verlag proudly present the Falcon Expansion as a free download for you. Only available here…

Happy handcrafting and make sure to print at actual size!

Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon
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Lost Cities 4 Player Partnership Game
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AXIO Duel hexagonal
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FITS Exclusive Boards
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