Home Alone

Living on a desert island? Stuck in a pandemic? The kids don’t want to play with you? No problem!

Together with Schmidt Spiele, Reiner has published the For One line of games which gives the lonesome player the chance to beat himself at Kniffel and other games.

In contrast to other playful self-activities, in particular those involving solving puzzles and logical thinking, or even digital one-person games that you play in front of a screen, with the new For One line Reiner wants to convey the same feelings and tension that you get in a multi-player social game. The only difference is that there are no other players making moves. You make one move after another, so it is always your turn and you are always involved!

These games are not “brain teasers”, because all our For One games have challenging random elements built in which you have to adapt to move by move.

Each For One game comes with many levels of increasing difficulty, but the random elements mean that no two games are the same, so you can try your luck again and again at the same level.

Don’t forget: “Fortune favours the brave.”

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