Let the good times roll!

Our Dutch publisher 999 Games is presenting our Pick A Pen line – a new roll and write concept in which you do not roll any dice, but you roll coloured pencils instead.

The first three games in the line are Gardens (Tuinen), Reef (Riffen) and Crypt (Crypten), and each game offers several scenarios.

To start the game, you roll all five pencils and pick one of them. On each of the six sides of each pencil there are different symbols.

By choosing the colour you want to use, you also choose a certain symbol – or vice versa.

With this combination of colour and symbol you mark or colour spaces on your play sheet, and hopefully you will do it optimally so that at the end of the game you will have the most beautiful garden, collect the most valuable treasure, or be the best at deciphering the inscriptions in the crypt.

Pick a game, pick a scenario, and Pick A Pen!

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