Mandatory use of bow ties – put it on at KniziaCon!

In July, a friendly message reached us from Robert Rawes who had the idea of hosting a KniziaCon together with two of his friends. The trio owns around 83 Knizia games of which about 60 were shown and played at a Board Game Tavern near Raleigh, NC, USA where the KniziaCon took place.

Robert and his friends not only offered their personal Knizia game library to the public but also prepared a supply of bow ties that attendees could wear while playing. Unfortunately, no contest took place to see who looked smartest with Reiner’s trademark piece of clothing. But then, who can beat the master, right?!

Instead, a raffle was held and the main prize ( Blue Lagoon) went to a lucky winner who was then able to add the first Knizia game to his board game collection. Congratulations!

All in all, the small privately organized KniziaCon with roughly 50 participants turned out to be a great success, and Robert and his friends are planning to make it an annual event. Following our motto, they simply want to focus on “Bringing Enjoyment to the People”.

Bring your own bow tie!

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